What is paintless dent repair?


Paintless dent repair is the craft of removing dents on an automotive surface without having to paint or alter the factory finish.  This is especially important becasue there is nothing that beats the factory finish 

The PDR technician slowly massages the dents out from the underside. If access cannot be gained to the back side of the surface, a skilled technician can slowly pull the dent out with a special glue and pull tabs.  What you end up with is a perfect repair without damaging the valuable factory finish.  Nothing beats your factory paint job.


R&I  or (remove and install) is another important factor in paintless dent repair. The technician must have sufficient knowledge on the workings of the interior and exterior of your vehicle, to ensure proper removal and installation of car parts.  Access is gained to the underside of the dent by this process, and the more angles a technician has to the underside of the dent the better the result.  


The craftsman is extremely careful; pushing the dent out point-by-point.  Never rushing it as there are dangers of cracking the paint.  Some deeper dents require heating to make the paint more malleable and less likely to crack.  Cracking paint is a real danger and a very bad thing but the more experience the technician has, the less danger.  It is very important to find a skilled PDR craftsman, with many years of experience to remove your dents.  Many times the cracks in the paint are so tiny that you can’t see them with the naked eye; then suddenly after a year you noticed your car’s paint is cracking and it’s already rusted.


Overall; PDR is a very important and trusted profession.  It is the preferred method for dent repair by insurance companies and car enthusiasts alike.  These people fully understand the importance of keeping your factory finish and removing the dent with as little footprint as possible.  


There are no fancy tricks in PDR, just old-fashioned hard work.  The misconception that we use chemicals, fancy tricks, or techniques to remove dents with little to no work, are all lies perpetrated by the very people that look to exploit our craft.  There are many apprentice level techs posing to be professionals with little to no respect for the industry.  At DentPass we strive to be an open curtain repair shop allowing you access to the whole process of dent repair from start to finish.