Hail Repair

Hail Damage Hail Repair Removal Paint Job

Save Your Factory Paint Job & Finish

by krisdoce • June 27, 2017

You only get one factory paint job on your car. If you are hit with hail stones then there are basically 2 options on getting your vehicle repaired. You either go to a reputable auto body shop and cross your fingers that they don’t cut corners and literally hack up your vehicle. Most body shops

Cost Of Hail Damage Removal

Denver Hail Repair Dent Removal

by krisdoce • June 19, 2017

Denver Hail Repair Dent Removal When we are not fixing retail customers vehicles we are hard at work to fix the dealerships, body shops, and insurance companies vehicles that no one else has the time to fix.  This dealership called us because they could not get anyone in that could fix their bad hail dents

Hail Damage Repair Denver

Hail Damage Repair Denver

by krisdoce • February 7, 2017

HAIL DAMAGE REPAIR DENVER With all the hail that’s happened in Denver this year it’s hard to decide who to send your car to for repairs.Fortunately I have some good info for you about this matter.  Like being able to filter out the ones that are not really from here or the ones that have

hail damage repair dent removal hail removal

Hail Damage Insurance Claim Information

by krisdoce • February 4, 2017

Hail Damage Insurance Claim Information There are many things to consider when you get hit with hail on your vehicle. Am I covered? Will this raise my premiums if I claim it? How much will it cost? Should I fix it myself? I will attempt to answer all these questions and provide you with the