You only get one factory paint job on your car. If you are hit with hail stones then there are basically 2 options on getting your vehicle repaired. You either go to a reputable auto body shop and cross your fingers that they don’t cut corners and literally hack up your vehicle. Most body shops use outdated methods to repair vehicles by either cutting off affected pannels or repairing them with bondo. Both these methods yield much less than perfect results. The other option is to use a paintless dent repair shop that is well versed in the intricacies of using an advanced form of auto body called PDR (paintless dent repair) These technicians get to the back of the panel by removing any obstructions like headliners, wheel liners, bumpers, lights etc. Once they have gained access to the back of the panel they use specialized tools and techniques that are cutting edge to essentially re-sculpt the metal back to it’s original shape. It is a very tedious process and is not created equally from technician to technician. Its more of an art than a conventional repair. They use specialized steel rods to push the metal back to it’s original shape, point by point.

If you use a good artist you will get the best possible repair known to man. Let me explain. When your vehicle was painted by the factory it went through many stages including getting dipped in acid, electrified, and baked at an extreme temperature that is not achievable by any body shop readily available to any consumer. The reason is to achieve as good of a paint job that a factory can achieve the vehicle will have to be stripped down to bare metal, ie remove every single piece of plastic, soft metals, and electrical equipment, your engine etc just to get a paint job. No body shop is going to do this in account of the hail damage that it incurred. That makes PDR the only true way to keep your vehicles value and not diminish your factory finish.

You only get one factory finish so don’t trust just anyone with it. Once it’s gone it’s gone forever and there is no going back. PDR will save your factory finish and will not harm it in any way if done properly by a skilled technician with at least 10 years of experience. Body shops will not always have one of these technicians on hand and if they do, chances are that he’s not very good or he would own his own business and be sought after by many big money making companies that go after dealerships that need hundreds of vehicles fixed.