Paintless Dent Repair Tools

PDR (paintless dent repair tools) tools are advanced auto body tools that are specially designed to reach the back of an automobiles panel for the purpose of removing dents from the vehicle.   This coupled with a glue pulling technique that is designed to pull the metal with a special glue that does not damage the paint are the main methods used for removing dents without the use of paint.  This does not effect the metal in the end, at all. It is the most preferred way of repairing dents because there is no vehicle depreciation.


Metal Rods

Different sized metal rods with various designs and shapes are used to reach the back side of the dent.  The technician uses the rod to press the metal back into shape.  Point by point the technician uses these metal rods to re-sculpt the metal back to it’s original shape.


Glue Pulling 

When the back of the vehicle cannot be reached by R&I or it is simply impossible to gain access to the back of that effected metal then this method is one of the only options to remove that dent without conventional auto body methods.


Knock Down

A knock down is used when the technician pushes the metal too high.  Sometime on purpose and sometimes by accident but either way a good technician can knock down dents that are rising too high and don’t sit flush with the rest of the metal.  These are on the end of specially designed hammers or little tappers they use by taping it whit a special knock down hammer.


Electromagnetic Dent Remover

This advanced technique uses ultrasonic waves to increase the temperature in a very precise location on the metal that then causes the metal to expand and retract allowing the dent to be removed with no metal tools or glue whatsoever.  This method is very precise and can harm the paint if not done by a highly experienced paintless dent repair technician.  The technology is at is beta testing and is highly experimental but can prove to be useful in many situations if done properly by a master technician.  Many armatures are using this method because it’s easy and they are damaging peoples vehicles left and right without them knowing it.  Come a few months later their paint starts to break off and they are left with really badly rusted spots.