With all the hail that’s happened in Denver this year it’s hard to decide who to send your car to for repairs.Fortunately I have some good info for you about this matter.  Like being able to filter out the ones that are not really from here or the ones that have come here because of all the hail damage that has plagued our city for over 5 years now. 

The first thing to think about is; if the PDR company you are dealing with is local or some circus show that’s just here to make money and leave.  Many of these paintless dent repair companies are here to make a buck and will be gone tomorrow.  There is a big difference in the quality of work on your hail damaged vehicle.  Some mistakes you will not be able to notice till months or years later.  It’s very important when choosing a company to go local.

The local deception:

Local Or Not Denver Hail Repair

Many of these out of town companies will buy temporary phone number to seem local and will flat out lie to their customers and claim to be local right to their face.

The body shops:

All good pdr technicians/companies will be subcontracted by the body shop. Many body shops will use local pdr companies but often have to settle for anyone that comes through their doors to handle repairs as they are in much need of these repair when hail hits.  You would think there is someone on staff at all times to do hail repairs but the fact of the matter is:  This type of damage is not as commonplace as collision for them so they lack the resources to keep a PDR worker on hand.  If they handle your repair themselves there will always be a devaluing of your car at the very least.  It’s just 2 totally different things for them and they lack the skill to properly repair hail without messing your car up for good.  (more on this later)


Hail Damage Inventory Info

Think you’re doing the right thing by taking your car to a dealership because “they will know how to do the repairs best”  In-fact they simply hire technicians just like body shops except charge more to hail damage technician then bodyshops so you will see a decrease in quality from all dealerships.  They care much less about dealing with local technicians as they are pure profit driven for these types of repairs whereas the body shops have more of a respect for their hail customers.


Hail damage dent repair tent denver

These are the tents you see pop up in parking lots,  I’m talking about the tents where repairs are actually being made.  Most all tents are ran by people from out of town and will be here one day and gone the next.  You must ask yourself if this is the type of people you want to trust your hail damaged car to?

So who do I trust?

Trust local (PDR) companies with a reputable name in the business.  

What makes DentPass different from the rest?

At DentPass, you can expect to receive the highest quality service and repair.  We only partner with certified, experienced, and quality technicians who take pride in their work and put the customers first, just like we do.  As long as you are the registered owner of your vehicle or are given the responsibility from the owner, we can carry out almost any necessary repairs —guaranteed! (To be clear, this guarantee covers anything directly related to the repair, including interior trim, paint issues related to the repair, and overall customer satisfaction.)

Unlike many fly-by-night competitors who come to the Front Range of Colorado only when there is a hailstorm and leave as soon as they’ve sufficiently lined their pockets, DentPass will be around for the long haul, standing behind our work and our customers.

DentPass is unique in the Denver Metro Area— we are capable of handling repairs requiring paintless dent repair; conventional paint repair for vehicles with more extensive damages or dents that aren’t repairable using the paintless dent repair method. This makes DentPass the only shop in Colorado capable of performing all of these services in-house with our own technicians.