When it comes to Hail repairs on a vehicle that is no longer manufactured it is especially important that you pay close attention to what the insurance company wants to pay.

What they want to pay and what they should pay are two completely different things.  Let me explain:. Our customer got an estimate from a preferred shop that the insurance company told him to go to.  The body shop said they were going to replace the roof and hood with after market parts as the original parts are very expensive on a vehicle like this.  When John got cold feet about the situation, he called us and I’m sure glad he did.  You see, both the hood and the roof were not as bad as the body shop made it out to be.  They were a clear candidate for painless dent repair which is the very best possible repair for any Hail Damage (when alloted).  The body shop was trying to save time and money as they can cut off the the roof and replace the hood in half the time it would take a PDR technician to repair the dents.

99% of the body shops out there do not have paintless dent repair technicians on the payroll as it is simply too specialized of a profession.  Many of them will sublet the work to PDR techs when available but given the severity of the hail storm on May 8th of 2017 it is very difficult to find a good tech with enough time to help these body shops.

I’m meeting John (our customer) at the nearest Enterprise to to get him a rental because he didn’t have rental coverage on his policy so we offered him one free of charge. I took an Uber to meet him here as everyone else was so busy in the shop 


After we pick up the vehicle we are hoping to have the insurance company look at the vehicle again to do what is called a supplement.  That is when we go back and forth with the insurance to get what is deserved so that we can do a full PDR job which is the very best possible repair