Denver Hail Damage Repair:  With all the hail that’s happened in Denver this year it’s hard to decide who to send your car to for repairs.

Fortunately I have some good info for you about this matter.  We have put together this page so that you can make a better more informed decision before taking your vehicle to a repair facility.  There are many choices when it comes to getting your car repaired and the best choice is not always the most obvious.  Many think that just because their dealership sold them the vehicle that they will have the best option.  This could not be further from the truth as often times dealerships are working with the cheapest most inexpensive repair technicians out there.  Many times these technicians are out of towners and hired simply because they will do the cheapest job for the dealership.  I’m not saying that these PDR technicians are not capable of quality work but they are not doing it for the dealership as they have a deal where they are doing the work for the very least as possible.  The other common misconception is that a body shop will have the best results but this also cannot be further from the truth.

 You see the bodyshop does not have a PDR technician that is on the payroll.  Instead they use subcontracted PDR technicians that are there to help out with the hail damage.  These people have nothing to do with the body shop and you might think ” why wouldn’t the body shop just hire someone and have them on hand?”  Well that is because many good PDR technicians make in 2-3 months chasing hail what many body shop technicians make in a year so it’s very difficult to keep a good one on the payroll.  The best and most consistent option on hiring someone to repair your hail damage here in Denver is to go with a local PDR company that specializes in hail dents.  These company’s are easy to find but do your home work and filter out bought reviews as many of these companies have a lot of money and can just hire people to give them reviews.  Instead look to get one recommended or go and meet the owners of some of these places and ask a lot of questions. 

What to think of first when trying to find one of these PDR shops:
The first thing to think about is; if the PDR company you are dealing with is local or some circus show that’s just here to make money and leave.  Many of these paintless dent repair companies are here to make a buck and will be gone tomorrow.  There is a big difference in the quality of work on your hail damaged vehicle.  Some mistakes you will not be able to notice till months or years later.  It’s very important when choosing a company to go local.

Hail Repair Tents:

These are the tents you see pop up in parking lots,  I’m talking about the tents where repairs are actually being made.  Most all tents are ran by people from out of town and will be here one day and gone the next.  You must ask yourself if this is the type of people you want to trust your hail damaged car to?  These companies are mostly here for the first swarm of hail cars and will fly by night.  They will take the money and run and leave all the arising problems that they caused to be fixed by local PDR companies.

The local PDR company LIES!:

Many of these out of town companies will buy temporary phone number to seem local and will flat out lie to their customers and claim to be local right to their face.  Here today gone tomorrow companies are always coming and going from Denver.  These companies are here to make a quick buck and then will leave, leaving all the problems they caused to be fixed by local companies.  Problems like R&I problems

The body shops for PDR:

All good pdr technicians/companies will be subcontracted by the body shop. Many body shops will use local pdr companies but often have to settle for anyone that comes through their doors to handle repairs as they are in much need of these repair when hail hits.  You would think there is someone on staff at all times to do hail repairs but the fact of the matter is:  This type of damage is not as commonplace as collision for them so they lack the resources to keep a PDR worker on hand.  If they handle your repair themselves there will always be a devaluing of your car at the very least.  It’s just 2 totally different things for them and they lack the skill to properly repair hail without messing your car up for good.  (more on this latter)

Hail Removal @ Dealership:

Think you’re doing the right thing by taking your car to a dealership because “they will know how to do the repairs best”  In-fact they simply hire technicians just like body shops except charge more to hail damage technician then bodyshops so you will see a decrease in quality from all dealerships.  They care much less about dealing with local technicians as they are pure profit driven for these types of repairs whereas the body shops have more of a respect for their hail customers.  Do not trust dealership auto body shops to do your hail repair because the quality is about 5-6 out of 10 every single time. 


So who do I trust for my hail damage in Denver?

Trust local (PDR) companies with a reputable name in the business.  Don’t look so much at how many reviews they might have but look more for genuine people that have been in the business for longer than 10 years.  Many companies and brands might be new but the owners and operators are not.  Go and meet them and find out what they are about and see how they fell to you.  Don’t trust someone just because of reviews because there is so much money in the industry that many of these companies just hire people to give them good reviews.  Reviews are very hard to come by and it’s not uncommon to find a company that has been in business for 10 years to only have a handful of reviews or no reviews for that matter.  On the same token it is now not uncommon to find a company that has been around for just months and have over 50 reviews and that is simply because they payed for them in one way or another.  These reviews will be empty and lacking real life.  They will look more like an advertisement then an actual review.    They will be extremely well written because in most cases the owner or manager wrote them and just had people post them on the internet. 

Tips for finding a good hail repair facility in Denver:

  • Look for authentic locals that have been here doing PDR for a good long while.  Check the age of their domain names and or local pages they might have like on YP or BBB.
  • Don’t just look at BBB.  The BBB is a really good source to find reputable places but just keep in mind that anything has a price tag so don’t use this as your only rule of thumb.
  • Meet some local PDR technicians that have been here for a long time.  Find them on FB, Twitter and other social media sites by doing a search like Denver hail repair technician.
  • Go and meet local business owners that run and operate small PDR companies near you.  Ask alot of questions and see their quality of work first hand by having them show you one of their completed vehicles.

Why choose us?

Dentpass is a very young company that has just launched here in Denver at the end of 2016 but that does not mean that we have not been here for a long time.  We have been working at dealerships, body shops and at the beginning we were one of those tent people we previously talked about.  over 7 years ago we decided to start our own shop and have never looked back ever since.  We have been doing this for a very long time and we were one of the pioneers in PDR over 20 years ago.  We were dong this before it was cool.  Since then we have helped countless of business owners start and opperate their own business doing paintless dent repair until we finally decided to start our own company.

We started DentPass because we saw a very strong need for an honest company that told the truth about the hail repair process and gave people a choice.  With enough info our customers can make informed decisions on what they want and how they want it done.  We do not cut corners unless our customer is paying out of pocket and tells us to do the cheapest work possible.

We work mainly with quality in mind but can also bend our ways and do things just as cheap as any of the cheapest places out there but will do a far better job at that price.  When thinking about PDR you should not think that one size fits all.  PDR is like art and you will get what you pay for and that is why we started a system we like to call “Value Based Pricing System”  This way a customer can choose what level of repair he/she gets and what they would like to pay.  Instead of wasting your time going round, and round looking for the cheapest technicians you can come here and consult with us and find out that we can provide the pricing you are seeking.

When an insurance company is involved we care about the final result and will do the best possible job no matter the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that it takes.  Many PDR companies out there will do all the easy work and hire a body shop to do the rest.  This type of combo work is sometimes necessary with severe damage but it should be the very last choice.  We do not use body shops unless absolutely necessary.  The point of PDR is to do the hard work and easy work to get it where the car does not need any paint.  Many technicians lack the ability to do big dents so they always sub contract these out to a body shop that will fill the dent with filler and paint over it like a band-aid on a cut.  Like we said before “we do not cut corners”  and that might mean spending 2 days on one single dent just getting it to come out.  We would far rather spend the needed time on that dent then to have it sent to the body shop where they will just hack it up and put a band-aid over it.