Denver Hail Repair Dent Removal

When we are not fixing retail customers vehicles we are hard at work to fix the dealerships, body shops, and insurance companies vehicles that no one else has the time to fix.  This dealership called us because they could not get anyone in that could fix their bad hail dents at all.  We came in and assessed the damage and told them we could fix the whole lots hail damage in less than a month.  Their jaws doped and they could not believe us so we did a free demo for them.  The result was pefect and they gave us the job.

We were able to fix the whole lot in just 3 weeks after we go underway.  These dents were huge and most other PDR technician wanted to get the job done by conventional repairs and we did the whole thing by PDR.  We don’t like to toot our horn but these were dents that no one wanted to touch and we came in and blew them away.
We bring this up simply because we want to paint a picture that can portray what we are capable of .  If you think there is no hope for your vehicle and your left frustrated because your badly hail damaged car will never be the same again, just give us a call and let us ease your pain.  Let us repair your hail damage with paintless dent repair so that your vehicle’s paint stays in tact and you can keep the value of your vehicle in tact.

Why call us:

We are honest

We are efficient

We can fix things that most PDR technicians won’t

We are loyal

We work for you!

Our methods of repair are state-of-the-art

We don’t have to report to car-fax

your vehicles value will not be diminished like with conventional repairs.

over 20 years in experience in the paintless dent repair business.


Simply put “We can save your car”  Save your vehicle form having to go to the body shop and get hacked up by the body guys.  We will not cut your roof off or repair parts that can be PDR’d with paintless dent repair.

Call us and see what we can do for you!