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    A sister company of DentPass, providing subscription based paintless dent repair.

We Offer Hail Repair & Dent Removal Plans-
We are professional, efficient, and affordable.

Never Pay A Deductible Again!

Dent Plan members enjoy year round deductible assistance on their hail damage claims.

Year Round Hail & Dent Removal

Pay nothing to repair your vehicles dents throughout the duration of your DentPlan subscription.

Concierge Type Dent Repair Service

We can pick you up, drop you off, and can shuttle you to-and-fro your dent repair service.

4 Dent Repair Plans
To Choose From



2 years

2 Dents Per Month

$500 Deductible Assistance

Silver Dent Plan

This is our most affordable plan that provides a good amount of value at a really reasonable price.  If you happen to get into some hail damage any time during your plan coverage we cover it fully.



for 2 years

3 Dents Per Month

$750 Deductible Assistance

Gold Dent Plan

The most combined value and price of any other plan.  If you are looking to get a great price and value then this is the dent plan for you.



for 2 years

5 Dents Per Month

$1,000 Deductible Assistance

Platinum Dent Plan

A very well rounded plan that provides top notch assistance with dents and hail damage.



for 2 years

5 Dents Per Month

$1,250 Deductible Assistance

Pro Dent Plan

Our most intense dent plan ever.  If you are a professional, fleet or just someone that needs top coverage for your car then this is the one for you.

Our Hail & Dent Removing Experience

We’ve Been Repairing Cars Since 1996

Paintless Dent Repair Is Our Passion

  • We treat every dent like million dollar job.
  • Our craft is our passion.
  • Squeaky clean and very thorough.
  • Organized and efficient

Big Jobs & Achievements

  • BMW Plant
  • Porsche Dealership
  • VW Factory
  • Master Craftsman Certification

Dent Repair Associates


Get in touch

If you should have any questions about any of our dent plans or services you can call us directly at (720) 523-3368 or you can use this contact form to ask your question(s).

Thank you for your interest in Dentpass’ DentPlan!