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This category has anything to do with how to, anything related to PDR.  If you need help with paintless dent repair then this is the category you should check out.  Our <a href="">hail repair </a>services are hands down the only honest, down to earth PDR company that would rather pass on profit for sake of giving good advise.  If you look trough our section here you can see that we don't hold back and we don't care to share info that may potentially loose customers.

How To Do Paintless Dent Repair PDR

How To Do Paintless Dent Repair

by krisdoce • February 26, 2017

How To Do Paintless Dent Repair In this article I hope to shed some light on the art of paintless dent repair. If you are thinking of doing this to repair your own hail damage on a vehicle that is not worth fixing with an insurance claim or simply is not worth the damage that’s

Tools used for paintless dent repair for hood

Paintless Dent Repair Tools

by krisdoce • February 26, 2017

Paintless Dent Repair Tools PDR (paintless dent repair tools) tools are advanced auto body tools that are specially designed to reach the back of an automobiles panel for the purpose of removing dents from the vehicle.   This coupled with a glue pulling technique that is designed to pull the metal with a special glue that does

Hail Damage Dent Removal Service in Colorado

Auto Hail Damage Repair

by krisdoce • February 14, 2017

Auto Hail Damage Repair Service In a nutshell here is the hail repair process and your options when repairing your vehicle. Process: File an insurance claim with your insurance company Call us for free inspection Drop off your vehicle and we deal with the insurance company to fully restore your vehicle If you were struck

Combination Hail Removal Repair Service

How To Fix Hail Damage On A Hood

by krisdoce • February 7, 2017

How To Fix Hail Damage On A Hood Fixing your own hail can be a daunting task and will require much practice before you get any good at it.  There is no tricks or gimmicks used to repair hail damage on a hood other than good old fashioned hard work.  In this article I hope