Bad Hail Damage From May 8th Storm In Denver Colorado

Don’t let them cut your roof off before you talk to us!

We cant stress this enough.  If you were hit with bad hail  damage from the may 8th storm then chances are the body shop wants to cut your roof off and replace many of your panels.  This is a bad idea as it will diminish the value of your vehicle and might be reported to carfax.  We can save your vehicle from being chopped up by the body shop by using an advanced form of auto body called Paintless Dent Repair.

PDR is the most efficient and effective way to repair hail damage because it leaves your factory finish intact.  You only get one factory finish, and is by far the best paint job your vehicle will ever get.  This is where we come in.  We will help you keep your factory finish and the repair will not be reported to car fax.

Body shops love cutting roofs off because it saves them time and money.  if they don’t cut the roof off, they will fill your vehicle with filler.  Fillers will devalue your vehicle and start to flake off after a few years.

DentPass is a professional hail repair company that specializes in an advanced form of auto body.  We can remove most hail damage faster and better than  a regular body shop.

We do PDR on many cars that they say cant be done by PDR.  Call us to find out if this is true.