Advanced Auto Body 

Advanced auto body is a term coined by Eco Auto Body, a sister company to DentPass.  The term stands for a technique and procedure that puts paintless dent repair at the forefront of a body shop repair.  It is far less wasteful and better for your car then any other technique to repair dents on your vehicle.

Why is advanced auto body important?

  • Its far less wasteful than conventional auto body methods.
  • Turn around time is 2-3 times faster.
  • Get far better results.
  • Is typically cheaper.

In a normal body shop setting there is tons of waste every year that could be avoided by this method of repair.  The material saved from advanced auto body would reach the moon and back in just one year.  Plus the time saved would be enough time to start a movement.

So what exactly is advanced auto body?  

Say for instance you have a minor collision that affected a vehicles fender, well in a typical setting they would just either cut off the fender and install a new one or they would fill the dent with enough filler to be able to re-shape the fender back to it’s original shape.  Well, in both these options there is a lot of useless waste.  Instead what advanced auto body would do is actually re-sculpt the metal back to it’s original shape and if the paint was cracked the paint would be sprayed very easy, with no sanding or filler.

Hail is repaired with this method almost every time, when the paint is not cracked.  It is the preferred method of repair for both car enthusiasts and insurance companies because it saves time, and money.  Most body shops, however are not equipped with the necessary tools, or personnel that can preform this type of repair.  Simply because PDR is an art that is very difficult to master, and the technicians that do master it are highly sough after by hail repair companies that pay them a very handsome salary.  So in short a body shop or collision center will not be able to afford one of these guys.  At least not a good one that could preform good advanced auto body.

So with all this said, it is very important for our environment for you to find a good shop that can perform this type of work before you go and take your vehicle to a conventional body shop.  It not only is better for the environment but better for your pocket as well.  The time you will save is another big factor.  The video above shows a PDR technician repairing a dent in less than 2-3 hours and this would have taken a body shop at least 2-3 days.

Here at DentPass we have the best paintless dent repair technicians available for you to take advantage of.  Give us a call and set up an appointment and get your vehicle in to see if it can be repaired with new age body shop techniques.