Hail Repair Dent Removal

Our priority is to be professional, efficient and always willing to go above and beyond the call-of-duty.  To provide the best customer service and the highest quality craftsmanship in the hail repair industry.  At Dent-Pass we put YOU, our customer, above all else.

AutoBody Choices

Value Based Hail Repair System

Hail removal deserves options, so we created the Value Based System.

Concierge Level

Our top level option includes complimentary concierge service.  We pick you up, drop you off, and deal with the insurance company.  We repair your vehicle 110% and get it back to you better than pre-hail damage condition.  We also provide free car rental, detail, and hand wax job.

Level Of Repair

Concierge Assistance

No Deductible Assistance For This Level

Above Standard

We go far above industry standard.  Our service is a cut above the rest in that we provide full support and don’t cut any corners when it comes to your hail repair.  We provide deductible assistance, shuttle service, and car rental so you pay $0 and get a full repair.

Level Of Repair

Concierge Assistance

Deductible Assistance (Up To)

Pick & Choose

You decide what you want repaired, and how much of the settlement you would like back. We are not only technicians, but also public adjusters that can get you what you deserve from your hail insurance claim.

Choose The Level Of Repair & We Refund You The Rest

Concierge Assistance (We do not pick up & drop off)

Deductible Assistance (Up To)

Take The Money

If you would like to keep the hail insurance money, we can also help you with that as-well.  We are proficient public adjusters that will fight on your side to get you at least 25% more from your hail claim then you would on your own.

You Choose The Level Of Repair (If at all)

Concierge Assistance

Deductible Assistance

Call Us

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Hail Dent Repair Specialists

The best way to contact us is by text message or phone, but feel free to contact us via our contact form page.

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Why Choose Us?


Our goal is simple: To make the hail repair process as seamless, and streamlined as possible.  We offer you concierge service where we can come to you, handle all the paperwork, and insurance adjusting, all at no cost to you.  You decide what works for you, and we take care of the rest.  Let us inform you of your options.  All you need to do is make the first call.


We work with our knowledge of the hail repair industry to get your vehicle back in a very timely manner.  Much of the delay in the hail repair process is waiting on the insurance company.  Fortunately, we have methods to influence this process to speed things along.  We offer you transparency, car rentals, and/or shuttle services so your life is not interrupted.


We have dedicated our lives to the art of paintless dent repair and have decades of experience specializing in hail removal.  We use state-of-the-art tools + cutting-edge technology to provide the best hail repair.  We are also well versed in the intricacies of the hail claim process which allows us to guarantee the best possible result on your hail insurance claim.


We take the time and special care for your vehicle as we would our own.  When you get your car fixed with us, you can rest assure that you are getting the best service and quality repair in the market. Our dent repair is backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee because we take pride in our work.  Often returning your vehicle in better condition than before the hail or damage.


The paintless dent removal process is the cleanest hail repair possible.  Most of the time there is no sanding, buffing, fillers, or painting of any kind, leaving your vehicle as tidy as it came in.  In the event your vehicle does need paint, we take extra care and make sure your vehicle is returned cleaner than it came in.  With our top service we will also detail and buff your vehicle. 


We are unique in the industry in offering Value Based Pricing options to fit your unique situation.  We understand that getting your hail repaired; or not, can be confusing and overwhelming.  We are here to walk you through our unique system, that will allow you to get the most out of your hail insurance claim.  From concierge type service to getting back more than you would on your own.

Turn Hail Damage Into A Positive Experience


DentPass is a certified paintless dent repair company specializing in hail removal.  Operated by individuals highly skilled in the art of advanced auto body techniques.  Techniques that are rarely performed by any other autobody shop.  Our new wave methods are top-of-the-line and our PDR tools are state-of-the-art.  We are constantly challenging ourselves to go above and beyond the norm, making sure to stay ahead of the curve.  Our focus is to stay up to date on any cutting edge advancements in the body shop repair industry by attending on-going training even after 20+ years of paintless dent removal experience.

We know how to deal with insurance companies as we are licensed public adjusters that know the inner workings of hail insurance claims.  We are not a DRP (insurance preferred) shop because we don’t work for the insurance companies – we work for you, our customer.  We perform only the best repairs and do not need an insurance company telling us how to repair your vehicle. The only time we ever use after market parts is when you requests us to and not some insurance company we are trying to please.  Our main focus is to work for you and not the insurance company and when you do that, you end up with a much better repair that is not dictated and in turn will be perfect every time.

What makes us different?

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • lifetime warranty on any of our dent repair work.
  • We do not cut corners
  • Never rush things, though we are very efficient
  • Ongoing PDR training even after reaching the level of master
  • Love for what we do
  • Passion for pleasing people
  • New age philosophies
  • Great work ethic
  • Reliability and accountability
  • Thorough and concise

Our main focus and concern is not for profit but instead it is to build a unique relationship with each and every person we interact with.  We care about you and don’t just say that; we actually care about you and your family.  We care so much that we will take better care of your vehicle than we would our own, but more importantly we will also advise you to make the right decision even if it means loosing profit.

Money comes and go’s but the interactions and help we give others will last us a lifetime.  Give us a shot and we will make sure that you are pleased beyond your belief because we are passionate about what we do and love to help others.